If you are turning 65 or are new to the area, PacificSource Medicare has you covered. With PacificSource you get: 

  • A plan that fills in the gaps, like prescription drug coverage, and worldwide coverage for urgent and emergency care when you travel.
  • The convenience of medical and prescription drug coverage all in one plan.
  • Plans with NO deductible for medical services and a low annual out-of-pocket maximum so you can better manage your budget.
  • An optional preventive dental benefit.
  • Silver&Fit® Exercise & Healthy Aging Program to keep you well.
  • Virtually no paperwork. We take care of that for you.
  • And much more.


If you’re new to Medicare, you may not know that Medicare pays just 80% of Medicare-approved charges after you meet your annual deductible. You pay the rest. With PacificSource Medicare, you get a plan that provides more coverage than Medicare alone, and is accepted by most doctors in the region.

For more details about how Medicare works or PacificSource plans, click here or call 541-316-8505.



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